The Upper Marsyangdi-A power station, located in the upstream of the Marsyangdi river in Lamjung district, Nepal, is a joint venture of Power China and Sino-Sagarmatha Power Ltd. With a few months’ delay due to unfavorable conditions like earthquakes and border blockade, the project commenced in 2013, completed in 2016 and became operational in 2017. Its total installed capacity is 50 MW. It is a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project with a total investment of USD 165.9 million and a concession period of 35 years. A report said that the project has a payback period of 10 years where Sino-Sagarmatha owns a 10% share in the project while Power China has mobilized 75% loan and 25% equity. With the provision of safe and stable energy to the national grid, the Marsyangdi power station has helped Nepal to meet energy demands. The project also achieved an ‘excellence certificate for foreign investment in Nepal’ by the governmental industrial department. Notwithstanding, a lack of cooperation between locals and Chinese laborersth in upper Marsyangdi power plant is noted. Locals aggrieved about Chinese contractor’s rigid behavior towards performance and working schedule, forcing them to quit the job. Also, the information on royalty sharing of the project is not available. The project does not have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.