The trans-Himalayan economic corridor, as a part of BRI between Nepal and China, was signed in 2018. The corridor involves infrastructure development, building communication networks, railways and cultural exchanges. It included China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park, cross-border railway connecting Tibet to Kathmandu.

  1. Cross-border railway: Preparatory work for railway is underway
  2. China-Nepal Friendship Industrial Park: This is first of its kind industrial zone going to be developed with Chinese investment including food processing industries, textile, garments, home appliances, electrical, communication and transport equipment parks. The zone is supposed to be completed in 6 phases whereas a total 192 large, medium and small factories will be set up in 1st phase. The government agreed to bring in Rs 65 billion Chinese investment and paid Rs 1.36 billion to locals for land compensation. The construction of park, on an area of ​​1,422.25 hectares between the Ratuwa and Mawa rivers in Damascus, Jhapa, began in 2021 and set to be completed within two years. It would create 45,000 direct jobs for locals.