Sino-Nepal bilateral cooperation in the area of information technology has been strengthened under the banner of BRI. China Communications Services International Ltd, in 2019, started to lay optical fibers along a highway connecting the eastern and western border of Nepal for Nepal Telecom. The project stretches over 2,376 km along the Mid-Hill Highway, covering 32 districts in three provinces. Out of the planned 2,179-km long fibers, the Chinese firm is responsible for laying 555 kilometers of optical fibers. Chinese company is responsible of laying the optical fibers in central Nepal while a South Korean Company and a Nepali Joint Venture would lay optical fibers in eastern part of the country. This project aimed to build the ‘Information Super Highway’ to provide high speed internet and advance the mobile services to locals, transforming the Himalayan country into ‘Digital Nepal’. As of December 2020, work of laying optical fiber has been completed in 491 km length.

In addition to that, Nepal Telecom awarded China Communications Services another contract of installing radio access network for expanding 4G service in the country. Meanwhile, another Chinese corporation ZTE has got the contract of developing the main network for 4G service in the country.