Kathmandu ring road renovation aimed to ease traffic congestion in city which is home to over 3 million people. KRRIP, initiated in 2013, was set to be completed in 2017 but delayed due to shortage of construction material, earthquake and Indian trade embargo in 2015. Shanghai Construction Group Co Ltd, a Chinese contractor, resumed work on project in 2016 after a 9 months break and completed it in 2018 and handed over to Nepal government in 2019. China then claimed to start work on the second phase of KRRIP i.e. broadening the 8.2 km Kalanki-Balaju-Maharajgunj section to eight lanes but work delayed due to COVID-19. China has prepared the detailed project report and work on the second phase of KRRIP is likely to begin soon. Notwithstanding, the project has faced resistance from protesting locals, environmentalists, urban planners and students. Locals have protested over land compensation and relocation issues. As per law enforcement agencies, the matter is being addressed via dialogue and negotiation with locals.