China and Nepal, under the banner of BRI, have asserted to promote bilateral cooperation in the field of literature, arts and culture. The Nepal Academy and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles agreed to strengthen cooperation in art, culture, and people-to-people contacts. They aimed to promote art, literature, culture and language in each […]

It is reported that the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) has spent around USD 6 million in Nepal following horrific earthquake in April 2015. In addition to emergency rescue and helping in post-disaster recovery, the CFPA has focused on community development, transitional resettlement and prevention of the COVID-19 in Nepal. Nearly 880,000 Nepalese were […]

In 2015, China, under the BRI, agreed to provide financial assistance to Sri Lanka in building the national nephrology specialist hospital in Polonnaruwa region. The construction of a 25,000 square-meters Sino-Sri Lanka friendship hospital, at an estimated cost of USD 61.5 million, began in 2018 and was completed in June 2021. The Sino-Sri Lanka friendship […]

Amid the outbreak of pandemic covid-19, China has extended medical assistance to the country. With Amid the outbreak of pandemic covid-19, China has extended medical assistance to the country. With supplying 1.1 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccines, it extended a $500-million loan to the country. Moreover, it has promoted people to people interaction and […]

The newly built Bangabandhu Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center, located on the outskirt of Dhaka, was inaugurated in October 2021. The exhibition center, built on 26 acres of land, has been completed amid the outbreak and impact of COVID-19. The center is comprised of two exhibition halls with the capacity to feature over 800 stalls. The […]

BRI has been playing a significant role in Bangladesh’s socio-economic development. It has helped to promote quality education for locals. Under BRI, the increased number of Chinese scholarships (8,000) has contributed to the remittance inflows to Bangladesh. Since the launch of BRI, a significant increase in Bangladeshi students in Chinese universities has been observed over […]

China Fund for Peace and Development (CFPD) helped to build a school in Gwadar known as China-Pakistan Faqeer primary school. It was completed and inaugurated on August 26, 2016. The school has been upgraded to Middle level and is equipped with 2 buildings and supporting facilities after the up-gradation and expansion. Sourcehttps://www.mfa.gov.cn/ce/cepk/eng/zbgx/CPEC/t1627110.htmhttps://www.thenews.com.pk/print/680848-china-pak-gwadar-faqeer-middle-school-s-expansion-completedhttps://china.aiddata.org/projects/53785/

Groundbreaking of Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar held in 2019. The instituteaimed to enhance the skills of locals to further participate in the growth of port city. Over 1000 jobswere created for locals during the construction phase. The project, at estimated cost of $ 10 million,Project completed and inaugurated on September 30, 2021. […]

Earlier, a desalination plant, with the capacity of generating 254,000 gallons’ water, was completed andinaugurated in Gwadar. Two more desalination plants of 5 and 1.2 MGD are under construction. Sourcehttps://www.dawn.com/news/1380179http://cpec.gov.pk/gwadar