China has decided to provide assistance of Rs 2.048 billion for smart university transformation projectunder CPEC. The project aims to advanced digital technologies in universities, including 50 publicvarsities in first phase. Sourcehttp://cpec.gov.pk/social-sector-development-projectshttps://gwadarpro.pk/1300255976913981441/mou-signed-between-pakistan-and-china-for-promotion-of-literature

The government is keen to develop the industrial zone in Moqpondass, Gilgit Baltistan (GB) so thepeople in that region become the beneficiary of CPEC. The land, for SEZ spanning over about 750 acres,has been allocated. It is in post feasibility stage as the construction work has started. Sourcehttp://cpec.gov.pk/project-details/67https://www.silkroadbriefing.com/news/2020/10/27/belt-and-road-cpec-projects-in-pakistan-that-financiers-investors-should-be-looking-at/http://specialeconomiczones.pk/moqpondass-sez-gilgit-baltistan/

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZA) approved the SEZ status forMohmand Marble City in June 2021. The board of directors of KP SEZA directed to acquire 2,000 acres ofadditional land and conduct feasibility study for the purpose. The relevant authorities were instructed toshift marble factories from Warsak Road, Malagori and Shabqadar to the […]

NEPRA granted generation license to 50MW Cacho Wind power project in 2017. The project is indevelopment stage and has been added in the list of ‘actively promoted energy projects’ of CPEC. Sourcehttp://cpec.gov.pk/project-details/79https://gwadarpro.pk/2450/renewable-energy-like-wind-and-solar-power-emphasized-in-cpec

1320 MW Thar Mine Mouth coal-fired power plant by Oracle was listed as ‘actively promoted project ofCPEC’ on November 8, 2014. Oracle’s Block VI Thar coal project elevated to the priority list in during the6 th JCC of CPEC held in December 2016. However, the project faced issues like determination of coaltariffs, risk coverage guarantees […]

The PPIB issued LOS with the authority to develop Azad Pattan Hydropower project in June 2016. It waslisted as ‘energy actively promoted project’ of CPEC in the 9th JCC held in 2019. The project, at anestimated cost of $ 1,600 million, is being developed by China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC). Thedevelopment process is at an […]

In August 2014, the Kohala Hydropower project was listed as ‘actively promoted’ project of CPEC. Theproject, being built on the Jhelum River in AJK, is estimated to cost $ 2,400 million. The project has beenawarded to Kohala Hydropower Company Ltd as Pakistan signed tripartite agreement with China in 2020 Funded by China, this is the […]