Nepal Telecom and China Telecom Global has established a connection by laying optical fiber cables between Kerung in China and Rasuwagadi in Nepal, about 50 km (30 miles) north of Kathmandu. Nepal Telecom has laid the fibre to Rasuwagadhi from Kathmandu via Dhading and Rasuwa district. China Telecom, in three and a half years, build […]

Sino-Nepal bilateral cooperation in the area of information technology has been strengthened under the banner of BRI. China Communications Services International Ltd, in 2019, started to lay optical fibers along a highway connecting the eastern and western border of Nepal for Nepal Telecom. The project stretches over 2,376 km along the Mid-Hill Highway, covering 32 […]

In April 2017, the government of Sri Lanka signed a USD 54.8 million loan agreement with China Development Bank for the Katana Water Supply Project (WSP) to ensure safe drinking water supply to all 45 Grama Niladdhari divisions in Katana Divisional Secretariat. It involved the construction of three towers (at Bambukuliya, Ewariwatta and Thibirigaskatuwa) and […]

In 2013, the Exim Bank of China and government of Sri Lanka agreed to develop sections of Matara-Kataragama Railway Line Extension project. The Exim Bank provided USD 200 million under Preferential Buyer’s Credit (PBC) facility and USD 78.2 million under Chinese Government Concessional Loan (CGL) facility. The railway project, as a part of BRI, aimed […]

Sri Lanka has been keen to link up the international airport to the main city since 1960s. China, in 2006, offered to fund Colombo-Katunayake expressway and signed agreement with the government of Sri Lankan in 2008. After one year of loan process, in 2009, the construction of 25.6km road at an estimated cost of USD […]

In December 2009, China Exim bank and Sri Lanka signed a government concessional loan (GCL) agreement worth RMB 1.3 billion for the construction of Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport. The contract was awarded to China Harbour Engineering Company. Opened in 2013 for flight operations, it is the second international airport in country. Media reported the face […]

In 2017, when Sri Lanka was unable to repay the Chinese debt, it handed over the Hambantota port and 1500-acre land around it to China over 99 years lease despite locals protests and opposition’s concerns over sovereignty and national security. China and Sri Lanka signed a concessional loan agreement of USD 1.1 billion to develop […]

The CE in Sri Lanka will connect Hambantota Port, Katunayake International Airport and Kandy. After four years of negotiation, China, in 2019, agreed to provide USD 989 million concessional loan to Sri Lanka to build central expressway section-1. This is the largest loan the Exim Bank of China has provided to Sri Lanka, covering 85% […]

The construction work on the expansion of southern expressway linking Matara and Hambantota, country’s first E-class highway (E01), began in 2015. It aimed to promote the efficient transport system by linking Colombo with other parts of country. The 96 km expressway consists of 4 sections with each section financed by the Exim bank with different […]

Colombo International Container Terminals (CICT), initially known as China International Container Terminal by Chinese side, is a joint venture of China Merchants Port Holdings Company (CMPHC) and Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). CICT, commenced in 2013-14, comes under the Colombo South Harbour expansion plan (2011). It is noted that 85% of the partnership is held […]