The government of Bangladesh and China signed MoU to develop three components of the Payra Deep Seaport in 2016. This is the third-largest port in the country, strategically located in the Patuakhali region on the banks of the Bay of Bengal. Two Chinese companies China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) and China State Engineering and Construction Company (CSCEC) will execute port development. The development work is continued with many short, mid and long-term plans and is expected to be completed by 2023 at an estimated cost of USD 510 million. The construction of a 1,320 MW coal-fired power plant at Payra seaport, a joint venture of Bangladesh and China, at about the cost of USD 2 billion, started in 2017 and was completed as per schedule. Notwithstanding, the work on the power plant was halted for some time when a Chinese worker was killed in a brawl at sight. It was the first time that a foreign worker was killed at the workplace in Bangladesh. The power production at the plant was delayed as many of the Chinese workers returned to China for the new year in 2020. Nonetheless, it is noted that Plant’s two units are operating in alternative months to keep the plant’s equipment operational.