In 2014, the government of Bangladesh’s decision to award Padma bridge rail link project to China Major Bridge Engineering Company (CMBEC) as the World Bank (WB), in 2012, withdrew funding for this project citing concerns over corruption among regional government officials. Padma Bridge project, connecting Dhaka to Jessore via Padma Bridge, started in 2016. With an estimated cost of BDT 40,000 Crores, the project is planned to be executed in three phases i.e. Dhaka-Mawa, Mawa-Bhanga, and Bhanga-Jessore. It is jointly sponsored by the Exim Bank of China and the Bangladesh government. A bridge over the Padma river, at the cost of USD 3.3 billion, was completed in 2018. Back in 2020, about 200 project workers protested at a site near Medinimandalt over delayed payments where at least eight of them were injured as security personnel opened fire on them. As per media reports, around 55% of the project’s progress was noted by the end of 2021 while the government underlined over 90% of completion till November 2021. The work of connecting the road and service area has been completed whereas the road bridge will be opened for traffic in June 2022 after the completion of ancillary works. Although the implementation process was slightly affected due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole project is expected to be completed by 2024. The Dhaka-Bhanga railway is reported to be launched by the end of this year. With the launch of this bridge, the integrated communication system of the country will be improved.